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10/14/2016 Version
  1. Fix a bug when some window is showing for small resolution
  2. Allow to delete unused device
  3. Enable contacts for non-business customers, and add option to email the contact
8/7/2016 Version
  1. Fix a bug in task system which some tasks are not showing
  2. Show number of open services in the customer
  3. Fix an issue which customer tax exemption is not applied when create a new quote
4/13/2016 Version
  1. Add "pay by store credit" in order and purchase
3/20/2016 Version
  1. Add "Contact" module for business client. This feature allows user to track multiple contacts for a business client
12/31/2015 Version
  1. Add a global preference and user preference to select default home screen
  2. Add integration options to turn on/off the AutoCall, SMS and TAPI on the UI
  3. Fix a bug while refreshing the item cost for multiple quantities
  4. Performance improvments
10.24.2015 Version
  1. Add "Service Tag" function to Case and Ticket
9.20.2015 Version
  1. Fix a bug in email which apostrophe is not encoded correctly for some Email client
  2. Fix bugs in contract and quote receipts which date format is not display correctly for some fields
7.13.2015 Version
  1. Fix a bug in Quote
6.23.2015 Version
  1. Increase size limit for ticket problem and solution fields
5.31.2015 Version
  1. Add Query button on customer manager screen to show the credit adjustment history for the customer
  2. Add "Customer Credit Query" function to search credit adjustment history for all customers
4.5.2015 version
  1. Add "Part No." for item and Purchase Order
3.17.2015 Version
  1. Add Auto Pay service for Contract Module. The function requires payments gateway integration
2.14.2015 Version
  1. Add Rules for "Birthday" field on customer screen
  2. Improvement of Ticket Board, allow configuration color code for different ticket status
1.30.2015 Version
  1. Fix the bug which Email is not working on Windows 8 with SSL
  2. Improve the ticketing system: show company name in the ticket board; adjust the font size for different priorities
  3. Add a parameter for default number of receipts in payment and refund
1.13.2015 Version
  1. Add new charts to the dash board
11.23.2014 Version
  1. Add "Quote" Module
11.02.2014 Version
  1. Add "Global Preference"
09.02.2014 Version
  1. Add "Popup Reminder" option for notes.
06.20.2014 Version
  1. Add new report for employee attendance history
05.26.2014 Version
  1. Improvements for the Contract module
05.04.2014 Version
  1. Import customer device in Channel Import.
  2. Minor bug fix
04.28.2014 Version
  1. Add "Contract" Module
03.02.2014 Version
  1. Add drop down selection for "ETA_DAYS"
02.08.2014 Version
  1. Quickbooks Integration Improvement
  2. Show special order service number in purchase order management screen
  3. Some UI improvement
  4. Fix a bug in Attendance which requires late note all the time
12.09.2013 Version
  1. Add "Sales Discount" report
12.01.2013 Version
  1. Finish the "Discount" button, it supports discount by percentage or discount to an specified amount
  2. Add a update check before commit to prevent overrides for same service opened and updated in difference places
  3. Reload cost options for special order items.
  4. Add a hot key "F5" in case priority list
10.31.2013 Version
  1. Add a parameter for customizing the due days in case priority list, which control the color of the font (due services will show in red).
10.19.2013 Version
  1. Performance improvement
09.24.2013 Version
  1. Add Orientation setting in printer setup. This is useful when you use the receipt and tag customization which needs override the default orientation settings for some printers.
  2. Add "Email History" query under query button
  3. Add "SMS History" query under query button
  4. Add "Auto Call History" query under query button
09.17.2013 Version
  1. Make all the tokens available for background emails.
09.02.2013 Version
  1. Fix a bug in "Item List" dialog which not showing the sub subtype
  2. Add more variables for receipt customization
07.20.2013 Version
  1. Add new reports for zero amount cases
  2. Add Subtotal line in sales tax report, which is useful if you have multiple tax codes
  3. Show Company Name in the Tab Caption if it's a business customer
07.20.2013 Version
  1. Renamed "Diagnosis Form" to "Check-In Form"
  2. Some UI improvements
07.14.2013 Version
  1. Add Case Fields customization, which allows you to add additional fields for case.
07.12.2013 Version
  1. Add Receipt and Tag customization, which enable you to customize all receipts and tags by yourself.
06.29.2013 Version
  1. Add Print function for Purchase Order
06.27.2013 Version
  1. Add "ETA" and "Assign To" fields in Case.
  2. Search customer by device serial number
  3. Add "Device Query" for customer devices
  4. Fix a problem in customer query which not show detail in "How to know us" Column
06.25.2013 Version
  1. Add "Inventory Monitor", which is a tools to give you suggestions for re-ordering and transferring
06.11.2013 Version
  1. Cash Drawer Integration
05.31.2013 Version
  1. Add integration with Payment Gateway for credit payment processing
  2. Fix some bugs
05.21.2013 Version
  1. Improvement of the print preview interface, which show the preview window in a tab instead of full screen window
  2. Add "With AC Adapter" information in "Diagnosis Form"
  3. Add "Done By" in On-Site receipt
  4. Fix a bug in print preview, which after you click "Properties" button in printer setup, the system lost focus and no response for keyboard and mouse actions.
  5. Fix a bug in calculating employee hours in "Attendance Management" screen
  6. Fix a bug in service tag which show current date instead of creation date of the service
  7. Fix a bug in drop down calendar fields in Windows XP systems.
05.13.2013 Version
  1. Add a function to Delete Ticket. Use "Ticket Task" button, select "Delete Ticket" menu.
  2. Fix a bug in "Return" when return a decimal qty
05.06.2013 Version
  1. UI Improvements. You could edit most option list fields on the go instead of go to the system parameter management screen.
  2. Add an option to print policy text in diagnosis form. Some users use this form as check-in form.
  3. Print date range on report title when you print out the spreadsheet reports.
  4. Fix some bugs
04.26.2013 Version
  1. Improved Item price tag.
04.16.2013 Version
  1. Add "Diagnosis Form"
  2. Add "Confirm ALL" button in "Attendance Manager" to confirm all hours in batch.
04.13.2013 Version
  1. Fix a bug which not loading tax code
04.11.2013 Version
  1. Add Support for Countries outside U.S., includes Canada, United Kingdom, Australia
03.31.2013 Version
  1. Redesigned Attendance Interface to allow multiple clock in/out
  2. Improved "Attendance Manager", add a function to confirm the hours.
  3. Add a report "Employee Hours" under employee category, which will show the list of confirmed hours of all employees.
03.22.2013 Version
  1. Fix a problem with Tax Rate which has 3 digital on the right of the decimal point, for example: 8.625%
03.19.2013 Version
  1. Add support for item quantity in decimal format.
03.15.2013 Version
  1. Add "Confirm Checks" in "End of Day"
  2. Add Contractor Support
  3. Fix some bugs
    1. Fonts too big in report printing
    2. Can't search some UPC code if it's 6 digital
    3. Error when search an item number while adding item in purchase
    4. Error when manually put in date in "Attendance Manager"
    5. Error when the name of a item is too long. The name field has been expanded from 300 characters to 1000 characters.
02.25.2013 Version
  1. Improve the Calendar function: Double click to open related service; Sync with On-Site schedule
02.20.2013 Version
  1. Add support for "Additional Fields" in customer device
02.19.2013 Version
  1. Fix a bug when sending email with attachment, which duplicate the email content.
  2. Add an option in sending email, to display company name or user name in sender's address
02.02.2013 Version
  1. Add "Combine Customers" function to combine duplicate customer records
  2. Improve receipt printing to expand "Problem" and "Solution" fields accordingly
  3. Fix a bug in "Customer Manager" which no change the window caption if the current tab is not the "General" tab
  4. Add "Latest Note" in Ticket board
01.22.2013 Version
  1. Add an option under "User Preference" to warn user about unsaved changes
  2. Add option to control referral coupon
  3. Add support to run the attendance report by specified time range.
01.16.2013 Version
  1. Some bug fix and UI improvement
01.12.2013 Version
  1. Some bug fix and UI improvement
01.11.2013 Version
  1. Add Parameters to control default copies of receipt and tags
  2. Fix some bugs
01.09.2013 Version
  1. Add some new report
  2. Add "Ticket Board" and "Sales Channel" conditions in generating reports
  3. Fix some bugs
01.04.2013 Version
  1. Add "Collectable Service Detail" Query.
  2. Add Some new reports
  3. Some UI improvement
12.31.2012 Version
  1. Add "Change Payment Method" function to allow you change how customer paid.
  2. Add Drop Down Menu in "New Return" window to calculate restocking fee by 10%,15%,20%
  3. Fix a bug in "New Return" which happens when you do a second return in the same window
12.20.2012 Version
  1. Add "Channel Sales Detail Query" to allow you search the sales history by Channel and Channel Date
  2. Add Support for "Order Status" in Channel import
  3. Add "Purchase Log" tab in item info. window to show detailed purchase information
12.10.2012 Version
  1. Add New Reports for Sales and Services
  2. Fix some minor bugs
11.26.2012 Version
  1. Add support for default tax code and tax exemption for customer
  2. Reload system parameters automatically when you add new users, locations and vendors
  3. Add a parameter to set the percentage of down payment in layaway
  4. Fix a bug in when create assembly item
  5. Fix a display problem in sign-off form from on-site
11.20.2012 Version
  1. Changes to "Service Statement" function to allow same service to be included in different statement as long as it's not closed or carrying balance.
  2. Allow searching company name directly without adding "comp:" prefix in customer screen
11.16.2012 Version
  1. Add "Miscellaneous" Option in Company Setup
  2. Initialize inventory when create new item
11.14.2012 Version
  1. Add "Import from Channel" function to import transactions from sales channels like Amazon, Sears etc.
11.08.2012 Version
  1. Add "Service Statement" Function
10.31.2012 Version
  1. Add "Token" support for templates
10.28.2012 Version
  1. Add "SMS" Support
10.25.2012 Version
  1. Add "Calendar" function
10.17.2012 Version
  1. Finish "Attendance Manager" function
  2. Add "Term" & "Due Date" for Case
10.14.2012 Version
  1. Add Default Term and Tax Code for customer
  2. Add Term & Due Date for Sales & On-Site
  3. Add Ship Method and Tracking Code for Sales Channel
10.02.2012 Version
  1. Add Assembly Item Support
  2. Add "Sales Detail" Query
  3. Add Default Tax Options for new items
  4. Add Field Alias for "profit" and "cost" field
  5. Some bug fix
09.26.2012 Version
  1. Fix a bug in Refund to Credit
  2. Finish the "Credit Adjustment" function(the credit button in customer screen)
  3. Add a Query for "Collectable Service"
  4. Add a Query for "Cash Basis Tax Detail"
  5. Add couple new reports
  6. Some Improvement in Grid Printing
09.23.2012 Version
  1. Fix a problem in PDF receipt, which not showing the font correctly in some system
  2. Fix a bug in Refund
  3. Some UI improvement
09.19.2012 Version
  1. Fix a problem in Tag Printing
  2. Add "Special Order" support for all service
  3. Some UI improvement
09.18.2012 Version
  1. Add "Customer Name" in "Payment Log Query"
  2. Fix a bug in "New Sales" which not set close time
  3. Some UI improvement
09.16.2012 Version
  1. Add Sales Tax Code Support
  2. Add Customer Name in "Case List" and "Layaway List"
  3. Add an Option to show closed transactions in "Sales List" and "Layaway List"
  4. Add "Company" condition in "Customer Query"
  5. Add "Delete Note" function
  6. Fix a bug in "Customer Manager" which show wrong payment record
  7. Fix a bug in grid sorting
  8. Fix a bug in "On-Site List" which not showing "Paid" transactions
  9. Fix some display errors
  10. Some Improvement
09.10.2012 Version
  1. Add a new rule for invoice printing: whether print company title
  2. Fix a bug for invoice printing, which use last printing items if there is no item in service
  3. Fix a bug in Payment & Refund Screen, which show wrong format for the check no. and last four digital of credit card.
09.09.2012 Version
  1. Finish the Item Price Label and Price Tag function
  2. Add "Editing Mode" in Item Manager
09.05.2012 Version
  1. Add Dash Board in "Home"
  2. SSL support for SMTP account
  3. Some minor improvement
08.24.2012 Version
  1. Add support for importing data from CSV files
  2. Add support for importing data from QuickBooks
  3. Add "Customer Form"
08.14.2012 Version
  1. Add Rules for invoice printing
  2. Add Rules for new customer creation
08.13.2012  Version
  1. Fix the bug in "change password" screen
  2. Some minor improvement
08.09.2012  Version  Firs release
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